Monday, March 14, 2016

Roadtrip 2014: Going home again

Time to hit the road again. Why, cause I was tempted to be on my favorite training camp, starting 18, so I decided to go home again. Had only about 150 kilometers to go. And also my body was aching to be trained after being in a car doing the roadtrip. The seats in the Toyota are not as good as in a Volvo.

Going back to Vaxholm with the carferry Rindö-Vaxholm, yes again. Yes, I do like to go on ferry. You called me.

I had to do take a detour past the toll devices (road fees), so there were some more miles to drive, but here I think I´m on the right track after some wrong turns..

A truck has broken down by the side. I´m still glad I´m in my Toyota who wont let me down. (I think). :-)

By now I´ve been driving many hour every day and my knee started hurting, so I had to handle the gas throttle with my left leg. :-)

Look! A Nice Old volkswagen T2. These cars have huge charm. But the quality leavas a lot to be wish (I think). Yes, I´ve read lots of VW-forum about issues. Because they are old. With new motor it becomes more reliable. There a lots of options, atleast for the newer model T3.

Nice sidewindows also. Really well maintained.

Well that´s about it for now. We will see when the next roadtrip will be.

Bye, bye! Take care on the roads, Cee Ya! :-)

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