Saturday, December 19, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Big boats (Ferry) (Grönviksbadet)

Having found a nice place for the night I just relax and enjoy looking at the big boats in between working on the computer and listening to a good podcast. I love this simplicity. Feel so free! My mind can think when I´m alone. The weather were perfekt, the temperature perfect. One of the best scenery I´ve had in the car for the night. That says a lot.

Doing some notes about the day. This is a non glossy computer screen, the non glossy are useless in the car, atleast when the sun is shining. Becoms like a mirror, this doesn´t.

As you can see I found a free parking place with a great view.

As I sit here at Grönviksbadet and enjoy being close to the nature, ships are going by. I can compare the advertsing on them. Who do you think has the best look?

Since I like word I think I liked the German vessel the best.

German words:
Mein Shiff 2
In Englai:
My Shiff 2
lust for life
ound of the sea

A german ship goes by.

Mein Schiff 2 = DAS NUMBER AUF THEM BOAT. ACHTUNG, ganz klar muss ich sagen.

Then a little later we have Silja Line with a bluish sky with clouds or something, and some ping-wins? Okey? Vale?

I´m using my 70-300 Tamron lens, it takes better pictures than the original lens. 

One more, here with the car in foreground. :-)

And the vehicle that makes the road-trip possible. The Toyota Starlet of course. I´m very pleased with it. Just works. Simple, nothing fancy but itakes me from A to B without hazel. 

And the we have a more whitish Viking Cinderella.


Well, what do ya think. Which one do you like the best?

While you think about that I´ll go to sleep..

More later..

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