Thursday, January 29, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Ängsö morning, installing solar power and relaxing

Still in Ängsö: Early morning and time for breakfast. Using favorite müsli in a cup, and then pouring water on it. Sounds pretty bad to use water instead of milk or processed sour milk but.., nah, it´s ok, I´m used to it. Along that goes some pretty fresh fruit like peach.

Breakfast-time! Dry food, a peach and water works when you don't have a fridge with you

Well. I do have a icebox with me, but don't use it for anything other than bed support you can see in the picture. You also see the depth of the mattress from Ikea.
Time to connect the extra battery to the main power, (generator and solar power). I didn't have time to do it earlier (before heading out). I have some common tools with me. There is always more time when you´re out on the road somehow.

I´ve made this chipboard for the solar power, I have showed it to you earlier., That is.I have used on other road-trips. 
Solar controller (and some switches I rarely use).

Solar Power i now connected, and charging. Yey! :) The led for the sun is shining! About 13.65 volt on the extra leisure battery. Normally about 12,7 volt when not charging it.

There were bugs flying all over the place.. I´m not so found of them.. (to put it nicely). They are brakes (broms in Swedish), probably not called brakes in your country, perhaps more like gadfly or horsefly in you language.. :) However, they were not attacking me! Very strange, there were like piece between us, they were just checking me out. Their stomach seemed full somehow. I was really glad for that!

Okey, so to recap, it is early morning, the sun is low,  and I've put the car in the shade of a tree (and a toilet house). Then using pretty long cables to put the solar panel in the sun. Works great to have a portable adjustable solar-panel. Totally recommend it.

Next I sat down in the car for a couple of hours writing on the computer while listening to some great podcast on the carstereo (earlier downloaded from the Internet, mp3 style). Free power from the sun. I really enjoy it! Quiet solitude. This is what I love. Relaxing and contemplating. After a while people started showing up to look at the caste nearby, and they probably thought I was a strange fellow.. with a bed in the car :-) (not normal for people moldered in a box)

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