Friday, April 18, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Next the island Öddö

So after Strömstad I wanted to see some islands and was heading for the (in Sweden) well known island Saltö. In back handsigth I think it was the island Saltön I though I was heading for. (for swedish readers: Tjorven och Saltön )..

Nevermind.. First I got to the island Öddö. And after going past a Bridge I decided to stop. Looking for a place to park.

I found this private parking space soon after the Öddö Bridge. The sign said "Private area, and private road" but I thought I could borrow this parkingplace for a little while, cant I?. However I almost got stuck with the car in the terrain. It is much more deeper (decline?) than it looks and the car scratched the ground going of the beaten road. However nothing got broken (i think). When I got back from my walk, there were another car here, sooo I sneaked away like a little snake.

When arriving by foot at the Öddö bridge I saw this kids jumping from the Bridge with a string attached to the bridgehandle, so I stayed to get some shoots.
The captain of this Kosterö boat sees it all and wants to get his blood pressure up (Very High!). He also wishes to work out his troath muscles.. He must be in choir or something.  .

Soo he starts yelling loudly at the jumpers. "They cant do that!!" Teaching the kids lots of new bad words (expanding their vocabolary). i.e Trying to control others by shouting nasty. Of course it did not work!

This girl told me she works in the kiosk beach near the beach of Saltö.She wanted me to take some pictures when she jumped. She got a wet suit so thoose nasty brown (burning) Yellyfish wont get to her (so much).

Am I ready with the camera? Yes I´m ready.

Last check to see so no boats are coming and then of she goes.

The girld has released from the ropehandle 
and are approaching water. She´s doing the X sign.
A boat passing by.. Family also watching, but at least no yelling. Just observing.

After that I decided to move on towards the island Saltö. More on that later.

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