Saturday, April 12, 2014

Next on Roadtrip 2013: Strömstad

So after a night at the Rastplats Dynekilen it was time to visit the town Strömstad.

Here are som pictures taken.

Found an parkinglot where I could park the Kia car for a couple of hours. I then took the bicycle for sightseeing. Best way to explore is by bike.

A boat next to your balcony?

This is the "cold bath place" in Strömstad. Kallbadhus in swedish.

The smallboat harbour of Strömstad.
Nice area, a bit from town.

Quality Spa & Resort Strömstad
Quality Spa & Resort Strömstad, looked expensive. To expensive for my simple soul I guess.

Instead of roads, there are channels, waterchannel

These two folks don't look to happy to be in the picture, hahah.
Spa & Resort towards the water.

Free toilets in the middle of town. That´s always a good sign
Found a RV-parking lot, but it was not free.

Another parking lot that was not free. Not to many people parking here. Everything cost in Strömstad. It is a nice town, but not that tourist friendly.

Lots of manets (jellyfish) in the water. Brown burning bastards! But I have never been burned by one, only heard it hurts.

A cosily area. See right picture of bridgepicture.

Here you see the area that are on the left picture.

My trustworthy old Miyata MTB never lets me down.

I could live like this.. but to many jellyfish in the water.

A moving bridge. I think you needed a buscard for this?
Read the sign your self.

Another parking lot where you could not camp. There are too many signs of this.
Sweden, and north of Strömstad with a bicycle in front..

Use your imagination.
The spa from a distant, right next to the small harbour.

Very flashy place a few kilometers from town.

 Well thats it for pictures from Strömstad.

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