Sunday, April 6, 2014

How to set up Car curtains (AGAIN), final solution

So finally I think I have found a solution. YES!

Here are lots of pictures of my latest tryouts. I think this pictures only are of interest if you want ideas for car curtains. I have tried lots of solution and I think this is the final solution. The final solution is up to you to diagnose :)

Final solution: Ikea Kvartal curtain holder using Ikea Krokig
holding the fleece curtain. Attaching on the "overside" of the curtain holder gives no gap.
 The Kvartal is 140 cm long and
therefore covers the side windows. The curtain will be black. I have already bought some radical black stealth fleece fabric.
Bungeecord in front window. Easy to detach.

Trying out bungeecords, and where to attach them.

Using the grip handles was not optimal.
Does it look funny? Look again.. :)

Hmm. to bungeecord in one?
Dont know what this picture is telling.. but never mind..

Can you see in? No. Stealth?? Nahhh. =)
Sidewindow in a Toyota Starlet. I bit to much gap in the top.


The right one I borrowed from my job. But
came up with anoter solution in the end. Se final
The curtains will be black on the roadtrip.


Yellow greenish is what is the fashion right now in Paris .

More places to put bungees?

On the right path? Yes I think so!

This was bough on Ikea. Kvartal curtain holder. Now
for car use.
Trying out, holding the curtain holder in place.

This is how I will attach the curtain
holder in the car. Using grabhandles and some
nylon wire.
Had to drill some bigger holes to get the "holders" in place.

Lookie lookie.. 

Testing and haning a big cloth in the rear using bungeecord.

Looks like I like to climb mountains or something.. Rope master.
Softish windsurfingstyle? Front window solution. Attacing bungeecord to the sun shades and
then be happy with that!

Could this work.. naahhh. Yeah!!
Using every fabric I could fine.. Testing testing.

Over and out. So long for now.

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