Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rain protection and ropes in tha ceiling?

Well, there is little progress now that winter here in Sweden are (is?) coming (Late Autumn right now, and it is getting cold!). I do however continues to declutter the apartment (from excess of stuff). I am making slow progress, but still progress. Check out my other site levafri (only in Swedish) for more info. I do feel freer for every item that gets out of my life.

Car vise.. I have continued testing alternatives for car curtains and more privacy.

measure in the Toyota Starlet
I measured the length between the grip handles in the ceiling, thinking I might put a curtain rod there..  About 95-97 cm rod would be fine.

Fitting a rod inside the car..
I tore down the shower curtain rod from the apartment to see if it would fit. I did not. Here is a picture of it.

Boot open and interior of the car
I am having a hard time finding any suitable hangers (for the curtain) in the back. But I guess it will work anyway.

Making a tent for the car??? No, just kidding. I am not THAT strange :)
Next project was making a tent for the car? No. However I got a bright idea when I decided to replace the shower curtain in my apartment. Instead of just throwing the old one out, I decided to recycle..

Rain protection for side windows
So I cut the plastic curtain into rain protectors. It does not win any beauty contest, but it is practical. It has always been a "hassle" to get fresh air into the car when it is raining. If I wind the window down, of course there is poring in rain inside the car (when raining, very frustrating). This will prevent that from happening! YES!

Using shower curtains as rain guard.
Here is the other side of the car. Preparing to cut the shower curtain. Yes, I admit not the nicest shower curtain, ehh.

Ropes in the cealing. I know people will ask: "What are they for?"
Okey, what else? Well I did try some ropes inside of the car. The thought is that they will act as some sort of curtain holders also. Yes much curtain thoughts right now! :)

Curtainholder Riktig fitting to a 8-10 mm rope.
Here hooks clamber from Ikea. I will hang the fleece curtain in those.

Rope ceiling. I love ropes, I am after all an old windsurfer and like to sail.
This will do.. Ropes everywhere, can you tell that I like the simplicity of ropes. They are so versatile!

Well I am pretty pleased with this solution. At-least, it is enough for me. Don't overdo it is my new philosophy.

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