Friday, September 16, 2016

Hobo Ahle about the living in a car mentality
Living in a Car: The Mentality

0:20 “Like you really have to have a positive attitude and just really really commit to the fact that if you want something badly enough you can make it happen. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and know that you probably gonna fail at something’s. It´s gonna get a little intense but I mean that shouldn’t hold you back. Just go for it dude, you might as well, like. And if it doesn’t work out the first time, like thug life, try it again.” – Hobo Ahle
1:05 ”If you are going to live in your car you can’t be scared of the unknown. Like you just have to be okay knowing that you dont know anything. You never gonna know. It´s all up to the universe.” - Hobo Ahle
1:30 “You have to learn to be okay with winging it, and things going wrong. And learning how to think on your feet. Just always prepare for misadventure. There´s a lot of people that like to plan and they get kind of anxious whenever a plan goes array, but if you live in your car, to just be completely honest with you; any time you plan something you’re basically planning how it’s not going to happen.” - Hobo Ahle
2:00 “That’s what makes an adventure, when everything goes completely wrong. Because half the time the misadventure is more fun the than the adventure it self. You´re gonna be scared, you´re gonna get lonely, you are going to be uncomfortable. It´s gonna be cold, you´re going to be frustrated, it´s inevitable and yeah, like it´s a little intense, like shit does gets kind of crazy, but don’t those thing happens in everyday life anyways? You might as well just face them out there in the big bad world. I guarantee you even though you are going to experience all those bad things there´s a trade of you know. And you´ll get some amazing things and amazing opportunities in return. You just have to be willing to go experience them.” - Hobo Ahle
5:10 “You can’t worry about what other people think. It’s just really important to keep that kind of mentality throughout this whole process otherwise its really are going to get you down. You know, because a lot of people look down on the life style. A lot of people won’t understand it. And sometimes that can kind of get to you. But it like, just do you and stay happy. Be nice and you´re in for a treat.” - Hobo Ahle

//It´s about //
Positive attitude.
Embrace the unknown. If it everything was known it wouldn’t be an adventure.
You choose this lifestyle because you wanna feel alive, explore and experience.
The disadvantage is comfort. You´re gonna be cold. But you will have an adventure and a good story.

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