Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Waking up in Rindö. Taking a bath.

Waking up in Rindö. Taking a bath. The water qualtity was great.

Bathing nude is something special. A perfect example when Less is More.

Nice bottom, and a bridge nearby. 

As I said, The water quality was good, time to prove it. Three star, thats great!

This is a overview of the beach, nice little beach. And the best of all, no enoying people who disturbs the quietness.  As this is early morning, love being up early to enjoy the silence and the sound of nature, no mankind.

Stone bridge

"no comments" - just looking dum

A nice sailboat about 50 meters away from the beach. Shadowfax.

Small holidays cottages furher away. Cute ones..

After the bath I decided to stay a while since the weather was perfect. Perfect time to pull out the solarpanel and charge the battery a little since I used the computer a lot the earlier night.

Then came a girl who took some water samples. Took some pictures of her, she seemed to like that. Luckily, the water quality was really good still.
The cable to the battery goes on the outside, through the right door. "Mobile installation"

Charging the Nokia phone and checking some possibles routes to take later.


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