Friday, December 25, 2015

My set up on the road

What set up do I have on the road? Lets go through it in a fast way.

When sleeping in the car I pull out some black curtain. Thats makes it hard to see into the car (obviosly).

I have an extra leasure battery, 80 amps of 12v power. Tudor. I charge the battery from the car generator or the solar panel.

Lens mosquito? Ya, thats me. This is what the car looks like inside, car curtains and so on. A bit messy, but it is easy to move around some boxes so the bed gets "clean".

I have a book called "Experience Sweden". In this I can find interesting thing that I might "need" to check out.

Okay, so one thing you always need is water. I usually have about 15 liters so I can get by a couple of days without having to refill. Use it to drink, and brushing teeth and so on. I do not bath in it. I try to find a shower or take a bath in the see somewhere. Usually no problem in Sweden. There are always some lake or sea to use. I also have a "brassestol", do you call it "scissors chair"? The mattress you can also see a bit from.

This is when the solar panel is in use. I have a charger and controller connected to the leisure battery.

Well thats a litte tour of the setup. :)

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