Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Going back to Rindö

A´m back with a new post.. as I promised.. :)
After looking for a place to sleep in Vaxholm I decided to go back to the previos Island Rindö, I though it might be a more relaxing envirement on the island Rindö.. Why? Because there were a lot of folks in Vaxholm and I rather sleep through the night instead of being woken by some drunks. Yah, people in Sweden cant handle alcohol very well.
The trustworthy Toyota is back on the ferry, going back to Rindö again. I got the last place on the ferry, phew.

Stockholm archipelago
Enjoying Stockholm archipelago once again. Love seeing and being on the water.

Another view from the carferry. Trustworty Starlet in the foreground. Sleeping bag and all that. :)

Vaxholms fortress.
Vaxholms fortress. I really don't know why they called the place Wax Island. Perhaps they´ve made wax here before, no one knows (atleast not me, duh).. Well perhaps someone.. nah.

Looking for a place to sleep
Having been the Oskar Fredriksborg previously I knew a place there to sleep. But I still wanted to see if I could find an even better place. So I went round the Island Rindö to see what could be found. AND YES, I found a very handsomely silently place called Grönviksbadet. Here I decided so stay the night! Here some pictures!
Big Boats are travelling by, so peacefull and nice!
Look at the view. Fantastic, and it doesn't it´s all free. That´s how you do it!

Look! What a scenery! Loved it!
Here you see the Starlet parked. Beautiful scenery.

Late night evening and a Viking Line boat i going slowly by..
All the evening I could see big ferry's travel the water. And the light was magic. No mosquitoes either. I definitely found the right spot.

I always prefer a sleepling place with a loo. I´ve got my own toilett paper, just in case.
Grönviksbadet even got a "Baja Maja" as we called them in Sweden. (A place to go to the loo)

Let me tell you, I slept very well in this place! :-)

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