Friday, October 2, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Oscar-Fredriksborg

In the island Rindö: Looking for a good spot to sleep I found this place! Oscar-Fredriksborg

Here´s a map over the place

I parked the car right next to the Oxdjupet. I think the Toyota enjoyed the scenery.

On the other side of the "water" you could see som shooting tower or whatever.

There were lots of cars here. I later found out that there was a guide showing the inside of the old military place.

Here you see a better view of the small "neck"

Boom shakala. Big boom canon. I would not like to invade this area.. 

Look, the big ferrys going to finland and Estland going this route.

Yes we all have to way to each other.

I then saw some fish in the water. Can you see it?

Here I´m lookin into the old military "place" inside the mountain. You can see a port on the other side where people enter this area..

Well, it sure was wearth visiting. This is the good stuff about scouting for a place so sleep. You always see something interesting on the way. I decided to not sleep here, so therefore I continued.

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