Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Going from Rindö to Vaxholm, part 1

Next to the island Rindö is Vaxholm. A well known tourist place in the summer. Decided to go check it out and see if I could find a nice spot for the evening. Car ferry between Vaxholm and Rindö in the Stockholm archipelago.

I think I will do two post about Vaxholm, this is the first part.
Here waiting for the ferry that will take me over to Vaxholm.

The weather showed it´best side. Lots of motorbikes out riding too.

Tried to find a place to park the car (for free) and then use the Miyata Bike to go sightseeing. There were not that many places you could park the car for free, but found some places i bit further from city of Vaxholm.

This was a nice place. Right next to a small beach. There were not many beaches here in Vaxholm.

After have checked out the city I went look for a nice place to sleep for the night. Could it be found? Here you could only park 4 hour at a time.. I later found a good place, but íll keep it to myself for know.

Other side of the water, see the picture above.

Ingenjörvägen = Engineeringroad, since I´m an engineer i took a picture of this. :)


Back to the car. Needed to charge the phone.

More picutres (of more or less the same thing) in part 2 of Vaxholm

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