Sunday, September 27, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Leaving Solsidan and heading for Värmdö

Time to say goodbye to Solsidan and continue the Roadtrip..

So this is where I slept for the night, beautiful scenery and the weather couldn't be better!

Was looking for a place to eat. Värmdö market looked like a good shoot. Let´s try that!

I was tired of eating junk food so the plan was to find some "picking sallad" , sort of bulk, like bulk candy though more healthy.
OF COURSE they did not have it!! WTF?

So I ended up with another bad lunch at Max burgers. It tastes good, but this is really bad food you know.

After eating I continued, heading for some island..

Värmdö-Rindö, the sign for where this car ferry takes you. It doesn't cost you a dime! Fantastic, a free boatride.

Starlet enjoying the boat ride. :)

Time to get in the car again. It sure was a nice ride!

Soon arriving at the Rindö Island.

To be continued! :-)

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