Thursday, September 3, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Bike ride Solsidan, Saltsjöbaden

Still in the wonderfull place called Sunnyside, or Solsidan in Swedish. After a nice bath I decided to take of the bike from the car and check the place out. A bike is a perfect vehicle to do that! It saves your feet and the speed is perfect for sightseeing. I love to bike as you can tell.

Time to take the Miyata for a ride (again).

"Jättegrytan" = The giant pot

Found this nice dirt track

Look how close the bottom is! This propellers live a dangerous life's.

Church next to a school?

Free parking-lot, here in Saltsjöbaden.

Nice villa. To big for my taste but old craftsmanship work I guess.

This is some sort of ??? cant remember..

Hotel you´ve seen earlier in my blog.

One more from the land-side.

Back to the car. I noticed that almost all villas had fence or walls. Privacy is important I guess.

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