Sunday, August 30, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Taking a morning bath, Solsidan

Slept very well in the parking lot next to the sea. (East of the capital Stockholm in the archipelago).

This is where I´m located right now. Solsidan.
The weather was as good as it can be, and of course I felt like take a bath, checking the water, dept and so on.
I use two cameras when taking pictures. Nokia N8 (mobile phone), and a Canon 550d

Nokia N8 pictures:

Camera, Shoes and shower-gel and so on.

I´ve jumped into the water. There wasn't any ladder to get out of the water, but there were no problems getting up on the bridge.

Time to get clean. Selfie

Canon 550 pictures

This is how I slept in the car this night. Waking up somewhat in the shadows and not waking up feeling like baked in an owen. Love this!

Towel. Yes I know, I´ve already taken a picture of this.. duh.

Enjoying the Swedish summer when it at its best.

View from the bridge, Solsidan houses.

The bridge I´m on, the car behind the shrub.

Soaking in shower gel.

And after soaping washing it off.

The sea was flat and wonderful, quite clear water also. This is the same water as the Baltic Sea

It felt great to take a bath, nice and clean again.

To be continued.

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