Saturday, August 8, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Staying in the shade (Solsidan)

When the weather is hot you have to try to stay in the shadows. The color of my car is white and that is the best color to try to keep cool. A black car is much warmer because the color "sucks" (in lack of science talk) up the sun beam much more and therefore becomes warmer.

This is what I do.
I always try to find a nice spot in the shade when the summer sun i out warming everything.

Here I've really found I nice spot for the night, a parking-lot with wonderful scenery. I stayed here for a couple of hours waiting for the sun to go down.

Then I moved to the actual parking lot. Covering the windows with some towels to block the sun rays from entering into the car.

Keeping one door open and down wind the other side window to keep fresh air circulating the car. I feel really nice temperature in the car now.

Later I took a walk to explore the scenery i bit more.

Before bedtime I watch a movie from Shadiac. "I am". Using my small converter giving me 230 AC power in the car. Before sleeping I remove the towels and put up my inside curtain. I also enjoyed a Pizza. :-)

This picture is taken in the morning. I slept beautifully. Didn't get bother by anything during the night. Perfect. And what a morning to wake up to! I parked so that i wasn't gonna get the morning sun right up my alley. During the night there is some fog accumulating in the front windows. But no biggie.

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