Saturday, July 4, 2015

Road2014: Arriving in Saltsjöbaden

Arriving at Saltsjöbaden, found a 30 minutes free parking-lot, just to do a first check of the surroundings.

Nokia N8 phonepictures:

Parked the car near the train station, and could see the well known hotel, which name I didn´t know.

This nice looking hotel was built 1893. At least that what the sign says. Maybee the fools are lying to me, no.

Moving on by foot. Saltsjöbaden friluftsbad
In Englai: Saltlakebath freeairbath :)

Got back and took the car to go check for a sweet spot to stay the night. Solsidan is a posh place here in Sweden and I though that would be a nice place for a sleepover. Just to stir the place up a little, haha. However I thought it would be a hard time finding a sweet spot. . A television show has made Solsidan even more famous. According to the myth, this is were all the rich lives. You know, robotized lawnmowers, and everyone transporting them-self by a segway or that is at least the picture in the tv-show. Quite funny actually.

Look! Me satisfied. I found a really nice place, The sun i lowering itself and the car is getting some shadow. Too warm otherwise. This were a really nice spot I may say. You could park here over night for free.

I have a book that´s called discover Sweden, and here I could read a little about the place and its surroundings. 

To be continued..

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