Saturday, June 20, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Mariefred, visit the castle

Heading for Stockholm with the car but when I saw the sign "Gripsholms Castle" I decided so leave the motorway and have a look. I´ve been here in my teens, but could hardly remember anything exept the castle. The idea was to freshen up my view a little. Thats the great thing about being on a journey, always follow you instincts. The journeys is the goal, not the end place.
This is Gripsholms Castle is in Mariefred.

The caste has some nice green garden with lots of colorful flowers.

Moat that surrounds the castle.

This place is a popular place to take pictures of newly weds couples.

Some other peoples belonging to the "wedding crowd". Nice clothes.

hen party for bride-to-be/shower

Here some pictures of the town Mariefred. Horse trailer with tourists.

Campers with view of the castle. I think there were a time limit to this parking lot.

Look! A houseboat. Sunroof. The small boat harbor has a great view.

And this is an old Mercedes bus, with a motorbike on the back.

There is also a train station for older trains were the rail has small bandwidth.

Also a nice place. I think it is a greenhouse of some sort.

Once again, look! A white duck amongst the other. I dont think I´ve seen a white duck before. Only bigger ducks (geese)

To be continued...

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