Saturday, June 27, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Knights' Tournament in Mariefred

Walking around the town I later found a old tent town. Yea I don´t have a better name for it, duh.. It proved to be a knights´ tournament. What? I must check that out. However I did not pay the entrance to see that the horse show but went to have a look. Not that interested in knighs tournaments actually.

Some pictures of the tents.
Feels like going back in time. 

lots of stalls where things are sold

How cute is´nt this little dog? I think it is a puddle, dont ya think? I just wanted to take it with me.. :-) so qute. Perfect company.

Middle Ages?
Middle Ages?

Lots of tents..

"Riddardagarna" = Knight days.. here in Mariefred.

Well time to move on, more about that later..

C Ya on the roads.

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