Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pizzeria Hummelsta

Leaving Ängså I was heading for Stockholm, and I were hungry so I tried to find a place to eat before going onto the highway.

Pizzeria Hummelsta was the place I found..

Parked the Toyota near the entrance of the eatery.

This is how Pizzeria Hummelsta looks inside. Waiting for the pizza to be made. Have never eaten here before. Don´t now what to expect.

Used their toilet so I could clean my hands and freshen up a bit.

Ordered a Opera (one of my favorites, that and Quattro of course). Took it to go (drive). Looks nice huh? Tried to find a suitable place to stop. The pizza turned out to be very good. Somehow food always taste so good when out on the road.. ..

Ended up eating the pizza outside of an cemetery. A view to "die" for.. duh.

Big ego in a hurry, was right up my alley before overtake. Relax I told my self. Me I´m driving according to the speed-limits. Not in a hurry, hey, its vacation..
It is not the goal that is the point of the journey, but the journey itself.
Soon I could continue..=)

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