Saturday, May 2, 2015

A big wasp was out to get me!!

Found this old post, thought I would post it.

After sleeping in the car in a place called Björnön.. I found myself eating breakfast pretty early in the morning when a BIG  wasp got inside the car!

WHAT, whiiii!!!


It was so big that it hardly could fly, it was like a heavy loaded propeller plane  in miniature, flying without control. Almost bouncing into everything. Absolutely no control whatsoever!

My mind was confronted with the "fight or fly" syndrome. I decided to stay fight for my honor.. and I managed to move my arms to wag the giant wasp outside the window, and swiftly managed to wind them up (so quick you could hardly see it). However the "killing machine" was not about to give up on me just yet!! For you fellows who don't know about this insect, it can set its arse down on ya and sting you! Not very pleasant, and if you are allergic you might even die if you get a bad sting in the throat or something. I am not allergic thankfully.

Usually I´m not afraid of wasps, but this was so big and nasty! I think it must have been a "queen" or a earth wasp. Looking to set up a new hornet's nest in my car? Know-body knows. My guess is because the "pros" have never seen such a big beast ;) It must be a record or something? Huh?

Look the big beast is back outside the car windows. Plotting its next move.

It continued to sneak around the car, trying to find a weak spot in my defense. It wasn't about to give up. It was used to scare the h..l out of people and I was the target. He or she wanted me out of the picture.. no doubt.

Look at the perfect killing machine!? Checking me out, looking for my weakness.. Those big eyes don´t miss a thing!! Big horn/cusp in front of its nose to really hurt people. And the poison fully loaded in the back (as). Yes scary!

After a couple of minutes trying to get through the barrier, it decided to let me live. Thank god for that! :-)

 To recap. The bug did not get inside the car and I could relax again.

I make a note to myself.. I really have a thing for flying objects without control..

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