Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Testing out the bike holder on the car

Since my car lacks towbar (hitch?), I must use something else to hold my bike. I do like to have a bike with me on the roadtrips. A bicycle is one of the best way to explore a place! Walking is nice but takes to much time. A Bicycle has just about the right speed to see everything. I also like that it is a silent transport, so that I can listen to the nature or some podcast along the way.

This bike carrier is installed using the straps on the tailgate. I also used it on previous Kia car. Worked very good on that car. I bought the bike carrier on Biltema for 499 Swedish crones (about 70 dollar). It is suppose to fit most cars with a boot cover that is sloping somewhat. It is pretty easy to install on the car, you just have to adjust the straps to fit and do a tidy installation, so the straps doesn't hook on to something when you drive.. I have adjusted the lower tailgate attachment, the original doesn't really do the job as good as these one.

The Kia in Lysekil, with the trustworthy Miyata bike on the back.
The bike carrier mounted on the old previous car (Kia Pride). This picture is from Lysekil, last summer

Will it fit? Nobody know...
Here I´m trying it out the "new" car. It fits! YES!

Biltema cykelhållare för baklucka
Another view so you can see all the details on it. :) You can poke somebodys eye with them, reversing. Nah, just kidding.

Voila, seems to work great. Now I can bring the bike with me on the roadtrip!
Okey, so the window wiper is a little in the way so the supporting bar gets a bit low, but seems ok. You can see my "improvements". New stainless steel attachments is installed instead of the original ones. However I have to protect the car paint from getting scratches so I have taped it and also used rubber from an bike tire and some old balloons on the holders.

Everything looks good! Seems to be working! The Miyata bike will be with me on the roadtrip! YES! :)

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