Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is somebody sleeping in the van?

Today a college at work asked me if I had seen the red american van on the parking lot.

Actually I had. I had noticed it before, but not really given it any closer look. The van seems to be moved around in the parking lot. And I also found it being here last summer when allmost everybody had vacation.

Anyway, the college had noticed a solar panel in the front window and that it had some kind of curtains, so you could not see into the back area of the van. He thought it looked weird and suspicious, he did not want to park his car beside this one. He asked me if I thought somebody was living in the car..

We decided to take a closer look and went outside to check it out. I took some pictures of it. Maybe you are better to decide.. Its hard to tell..

A GMC american van, heavy on fuel.
A GMC american van, heavy on fuel. Behind the driver-seat the black curtains are shut so you can´t really see anything inside the van except the front chairs.

Black tinted window, and some black curtain behind it.
The side window was tinted and had black curtains behind it, to kill all light inside the van.

Back of the van. Very black! You can also see a sticker about Callaghan
The backwindow, the same. Really black!

Extra electricity by the solar panel?
A small solar panel is placed in the front window, I guess to charge the battery. Really small solar panel. Can´t give to much power. But perhaps it is there to just top up the start battery a little, who knows.

Well, probably there is nobody sleeping in the car. But from now on I will keep an eye on it. Not that it bothers me, but it is a little interesting. :)

What do you think?

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