Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Still in Lysekil, some more pictures

This pictures are taken with a Canon camera, the other pictures are from my mobile phone.

The two first pictures are when heading for Kungshamn, and the rest is from Lysekil.

Well, as I said in the last post, heading for Kungshamn I say this wind power, and liked to light. So I had to stop. But I did not really catch the light. The trustworthy Kia down to the right.

Can you see the magic light? Nah? What? :)

Arriving late evening in the harbor of Lysekil. The sun is going down. Sitting in the Kia car, being steered down by people going by. The people going by in the harbor are unfortunately not giving me a very good first impression..

And a bird is flying.

"The Birds are gonna get some." - Jim Rohn

Guess I´m trying to do something that looks simplistic, not doing a very good job. It not for nothing they call me: "The shadow from Bronx" :)

Early morning sun, the rocks are being hit by the sun.

Seabird checking me out.

At-least I got some pictures of the rainbow. It showed better in real life. Beautiful colors.

Do you see the colors?

I wish I could fly.

More rocks, and an big anchor in the foreground.

Looking Simplistic? Nah, 

Me in rainbow picture. I call this picture "hands-up". Am I afraid that I wont be in the picture or what?

You gotto have boats in the pictures or else something is wrong.

Beautiful. Look a bit like a painting, its not.

What am I trying to accomplish here?.. I have no idea, just being a camera hog I guess. Can you see the rainbow?

Bird Flying high.

So this is were I slept for the night. The black car is from France. Two people sleeping in that car. Also somebody sleeping in the car up to the left. But it left pretty early the day after.

Pinneviksbath. early morning. Just me awake.

Armchairs in the town of Lysekil.

Pretty soft to lay here.

The town of Lysekil, and the cold bath house, closest.

Here there were going to be a sailing competition, in the next week. But I had no time to stay. But I guess it would have been interesting to watch.

Last picture of Lysekil. After taking a bath it was time to head for home (Västerås). Time to go back to work.

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