Monday, July 21, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: On my way home to Västerås, accident

After taking a bath at Pinneviksbadet in Lysekil it was time to go home and start working again. I would liked to have continued on the roadtrip, but time was running out.

After just a couple of swedish miles heading for Uddevalla I Had to take the car ferry. Not bad. Free boatride. :) This is Gullmarsleden that goes between Finnsbo and Skår in Gullmarsfjorden.
Looking out a the swedish scenery, enjoying nature and being on water.

Why not another picture, huh?
After that I continued and had to stop to pee (very interesting info I know). After that I continued to find this queue! What has happened!!? Accident! Scary. That peeing might have saved me... Makes you think twice! How easy it is for everything to change. It makes you humble for the greatness in life. I parked the car after the side of the road to go see what has happened. I took the camera with me.

An helicopter arrives, and lands right besides the highway.
Wounded people carried to the ambulance.
Head-on collision... I talked to an eyewitness that saw the car crash. He said that the silver car (Toyota Avensis), to the right in the picture turned right over to the other lane and the crash with the white car was apparent. How very sad.. No one got killed at least (according to ambulance personal). If I had not stopped and pee it might have been me.. Drive carefully people. Don´t drive in a hurry.
The ambulance helicopter did thankfully not have to transport anybody.
White car demolished. The silver Toyota has been lifted up to the tow car. It took a couple of hours before we could continue.

After the accident I decided to stop at a restspot that trafikverket has. They have toilets there and so fort. Found some polish car, that stopped to camp here. It is not allowed.. Well I had a little food and water and then continued. Still a long way home.

Getting closer to home.. A Volkswagen bus has broken down. I have seen at-least two broken down VW buses on this holiday, not reliable?

Soon the roadtrip was over and I was home again.

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