Sunday, July 6, 2014

Power Big Meet in town, vehicle plus living simple

This weekend we had an event called Power Big Meet in my town. It is a popular gathering of lots of old american cars.

People living in tents during the weekend. Drinking in the partytent.
Power meet 2014 Volkswagen Sharan? and and old chevy suburban?
Volkswagen Sharan? and and old chevy suburban? This is where they stayed for the night I guess.
A women is moisturizing her self or something in the red van.
Rallycarro heart Matte, the youngest are here to party.
This is sunday and almost everyone has left and are heading home (or continuing their holiday). This parking lot was however not free.
Temporary Camping at Johannesberg, sunday, many have already left
Temporary Camping at Johannesberg, sunday, many have already left
Powermeet 2014 The same "camping"
The same "camping"

It makes Västerås get some "action", lots of different people. And it is always fun to watch people doing their thing.


  1. Interesting you're writing about Power Big Meet! I've only heard about it before. I have some workmates that usually go to Power Big Meet. They are crazy about old cars. Interesting to see your pictures - I like your comments too!

    There's only one thing that makes me disappointed: Why is this blog in English? Of all the languages in the world - why English? Why not French??? I really need to practise my French, you know. French is really the most beautiful language in the world. Didn't you know???


  2. Okey, so H is disappointed? :) I am of course very sorry for that!!

    I think you'll be glad I did not write this blog in French, because I have never read French! The posts would only consist of a few words that I picked up. Like Arevouare, schönesepau, como sa and the like. :)
    Would you prefer that?
    Nope, English it will be. People reading this blog are stuck with my bad English. And don’t forget that I’m so smashing commercial.. so I turn to the large group out there.
    Yes, French sounds beautiful, I can agree with that. But I still don’t understand. Quel est le but?

    IF I could, I would write in Latin. It is a cool language. (not beutiful, but cool).
    Si possem, si Latine scribere. Is est a frigus et lingua.

    Also, be thankful that I do not try to write German or Spanish. You would not understand a sentence, even though I´ve read these languages a little.

    Arevouare :)