Saturday, June 14, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Visiting Fjällbacka

Have you ever heard of the writer Camilla Läckberg? No? Well anyhow, she is a swedish writer writing about murders in this town: Fjällbacka.

She was brought up in this town, and the town is now famous because of "Fjällbackamorden" stories.

So I was interested in seeing the town my self, therefore next on the roadtrip was Fjällbacka!

First visit for me. It was a really nice small town! It was a bit hard to find a parking space, but as with a good tourist friendly town, the parking was free on many parkinglots. Great! That is how the pros do it.

Fjällbacka, bigest parkinglot?
This is were I parked the Kia. And then took the bicycle for a ride. Ate an avocado and was ready to go biking. As you can see there is a toilet also. Very good.

The town Fjällbacka has some small uphills here and there. But also downhill.
First uphill to get into the town of Fjällbacka.

Can you climb this wall? I dont know if it is allowed.
Found a steep mountain and decided to take a picture of it.

Rain was in the air, checking out the small boat harbor.
Continued to Sjöräddningssällskapets (sea resque) station

The left of this picture there is a jumping tower. There were some people actually bathing in this weather.
Then continued to this bathing place. There was a lodging house / youth hostel if I remember correct quite close. If you aint sleeping in your car that might be something for you. :)

You want more Miyata pictures? Ok, settle down. I will handle your demands. ;)
Took a picture of the trustworhy old Miyata bike.

Wow, Who wouldnt want a Volkswagen Westfalia to cruise in on a roadtrip.?
Look, a VW Westfalia, nice car for a roadtrip dont ya think?

More parkinglots in Fjällbacka. Just so I know til next time.
Found another free parkinglot. This town is tourist friendly I must say.

Some nice big houses, to big for my taste, but looked good.

Another parking-lot, but a bit crowded. The pier has been closed also, unfortunattly
Parkinglot, the berth was closed due to poor bearing capacity

Sun terraces? But I did not see any ladder down to the water?
This picture is taken a bit north of the town Fjällbacka.

Bryggan Fjällbacka med hotel i backgrunden.
The bridge Fjällbacka, hotel in the back

More from the north side of town. A small boat is driving by. Wondering why I took a picture of them.

Some cranes in the background. Building new summer houses?
A faster boat, about the same view. Fjällbacka is a really nice town. I can understand why it is so popular in the summer.

Out on the pire, Yes, you will see many pictures of the Miyata.. Calm your self.

Nice scenery, sweden archipelago
Here the church tower. Bong, bong early Sunday morning.

Women makes the world go around.
Two women out for a walk on the pier. 

Miyata in foreground, big boats in the background.
Out enjoying simplicity, just a bike and a camera. .

Old Miyata Trailrunner with triple butted steel. They don't make em like this anymore. Me conservative? Nah ;)
Just for you Miyata fans out there. I know you cant get enough, right? ;)

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