Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Sotenäs kommun, Kungshamn/Smögen

Well I was looking for a nice place to stay the night. And had some information about a place called Guleskär. In my paper it said it was for free, so I decided to head for that place. First I went through the town Kungshamn. The parkinglot should be right next to water. So I tried to find that place.

I was heading for Kungshamn when I saw this wind turbine. I though the light was good, but it does not really show in the picture.

Furhest out of Guleskär I found this parkinglot. However, my information was wrong, it was not free so I decided to continue to the town Lysekil.

This is the view from Guleskär. I think this is the town Smögen, I have been there before so did not go there. Its a nice town though.

Boats going over the water, almost hitting each other.

There were some other who also found this place.

Sign of no trespassing

Well, after being to Guleskär, I decided to continue, heading for Lysekil. And travelling back I saw this Hallberg Rassy Company, makes really nice sailboats. Sweden made. Had to stop to take a picture of it.

More about Lysekil in the next post. :)

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