Sunday, June 22, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Next Hamburgsund

Thought I would give Hamburgsund a quick visit. I was supprised of the nice little town. Nice atmosphere. I was in a bit of a hurry for I was planning on going to the town Lysekil for the night.

A really nice little summertown. You could take the carferry (trafikverket) for free over to Hamburgö. However I did not do that unfortunattly.

Looking for a place to park the car, and found this place. I was a little afraid that the Kia would end up in the water when parking.

Dismantled the Miyata from the rear of the car and took a ride.

On the other side of the water is Hamburgö.

Some RV:s parked at the side of the road.

Here the car ferry that goes over to the Island Hamburgö. Free of charge. Didn´t really have time to that. Next time!

Closeup on the ferry Saga Vaxholm.

Small boathouses gives a nice atmosphere, dont ya think?

If you need (/deserve :)) shoes you can buy them here at Hamburgsunds skor.

Here you can get something to eat. @ Hjalmars.

You can see my little car far away. Turkish color is bravisimo!

More of Hamburgö

Small boat harbour, a smallish bridge has been put in the water..

Volvo V40 in foreground and the island Hamburgö in the background.

The divers team are out driving. This boat really got bad black smoke from its exhaust. Engine worn out??

Back to the car again. Hanging the Miyata on the back and heading for Kungshamn, looking for a place to stay the night. Going to try out a parkinglot in Sotenäs, next to the town Smögen.


  1. Hello!

    Since I've just discovered this blog I'm spending a little time of my vacation to read about what you do on your vacation. I think you've found a wonderful most minimalistic way to discover Sweden! Everything you need (almost, I understand) is in your car, and you even got your bicycle with you! You've got a beautiful bicycle! I am impressed too see how you find your own way in many aspects of life. It inspires me!

    It's very nice to see your pictures and descriptions of those places where I've never been. I have childhood memories of camping holidays.....remember trying to put up the tent with a neverending rain... and how much time it took to establish the occational home... you don't really have those problems with your car! You've found a really easy way to spend your holiday.

    Something that almost makes me laugh, if I should be honest, is your eternal (as it seems to me) problems with curtains in the car! I understand the need to "hide away" from curious people, the need of sleeping privacy. I wonder, isn't it very warm with the fleece blankets as curtains?

    Do you have a small kitchen with you, to cook? And do you bring food with you? Or do you buy food when you get hungry?

    Have you been doing these roadtrips for many years? Have you been outside Sweden? Norway is really fantastic if you like beautiful nature, I've been camping there when I was a child (my father was born in Norway). I remember travelling on the real small roads between Bergen and Trondheim, roads that often ended in a ferry boat because of mountains... somewhere there where "glaciärer" (sorry my Swenglish...). I'm loosing myself inte memories now, good memories...

    I've been thinking of you on my small bicycle trips here on my holiday....and do you know what, I start to dream! (Don't know when that happened before...most people describe me as "jordnära" (close to earth? Hahahah!) so I'm very bad at dreaming)...Anyway I get inspired by reading of your trips. I wish I could do a smaller version of what you do, but with my bicycle (my pearl bicycle, it's a Nishiki). Go around places in the landscape where I live, discover the small places and nature scenery, have a minimalistic package, find some small hotels where I could sleep, go somewhere else with the bicycle next day... I'd like that. But it would require some planning....and I don't like that part. Not for holidays anyway.

    How much do you plan your trips in advance? Do you plan where to go, or where to go for the day? How much do you let the inspiration and curiosity guide your way?

    I understand it will soon be time for you to go on a new holiday roadtrip. Guess you long for it! I'm looking forward to read about your new adventures! Drive carefully!

    Hope you can understand my English...I haven't practised it for many years. So it is useful for me both to read and comment this blog! Hope you don't mind if I return here.


    1. 1 (2)

      Hi H!

      Yes, I´ve got almost everything that I need in the car. I lack toilet and shower of course, a bit more room would be nice and standing height. But that's about it. :) I would prefer a van but you can't really buy an car only after your vacation preferences can you? A van would be impractically the rest of the year. (as my life is right now). And a van does not fit into the garage. So a car will haft to do.

      Ah, living in a tent. Rain and tenting is bad..:) Well I have also tried that in my younger years, but found it sooooo much more practical to sleep in a car. In a car you feel more comfortable, more secure, and you´ve got electricity, heat, you can start the engine if it gets really cold, and it is easy to just drive away. You absolutely feel more free in living in a car than in an tent. It is also much easier to be "stealth" than tenting. Also easier to freecamp than if you have and caravan and so on. If you have good "stealth" (read curtains ;)) abilities you can sleep anywhere. That's why these curtains are so important. I can tell you it work great with my solution.
      As a matter of fact I am sitting in the Toyota right now writing this (2014-07-13, the clock is about 22.08) and will post this tomorrow (I think)). So this will be my first night in the Toyota Starlet. :)

      If it gets warm with black fleece curtains? I don't think so. The point is to isolate a little, some nights can be quite cold as you know here in Sweden (yes even in summer). And the better the isolator the more I can keep my bodyheat inside the car. An isolator works both way, Fleece is at least better than ordinary fabric is my guess. But we will see. This night is forecasted to go down to about 15 degrees Celsius, that's pretty warm so I will not be cold this night (I think), but when it gets to about 5 degrees, which is was on a holiday about two years ago, you wake up freezing in the middle of the night. At least if you're not inside a sleeping bag. Not so nice. I don't like to be cold.

    2. 2 (2)

      I have an Trangia, if you know what that is? However I don't think it got used it last summer. I really don't have any safe place inside the car to do the cooking, so it has to be done outside. Therefore the weather is important. I also don't have propane, so uses Red Liquor (rödsprit), and that is really a hassle.. So it is often just easier to just buy some food. A lot och crapfood it is, like pizza, hamburgers and so on. Trying to find salads are sometimes hard. But also some muesli with water in the morning. Yes water, not milk or pasteurized milk (fil), since I usually don't bring a fridge (my fridge takes to much power). I also eat some canned food if I can't find a place to buy food. Also lots of fruits (and some candy, don't tell anyone).

      Roadtrips for many years?
      - No not really, this is the fourth summer. Earlier it was not so much road trips but instead windsurfing trips.:) That's how I found out that sleeping in a car much easier (read better) than tenting, that is if you are alone that is. Two people in a small car works poorly. And not everyone enjoys living as simple as I do. :)

      Yes, I can imagine Norway being nice. Sounds like you and your father had some really nice time. I have only skied in Norway before (Trysil). However what is keeping me from going there is that they have got lots of road tolls, and it is expensive and so on. Me driving around not knowing were I am going, that would mean a lot of toll!
      However it would be nice to go to the Mediterranean ocean, but I think I would prefer an van in that case. Or a sailboat. However I have always liked it in Sweden (in the summer). And I know the rules and some nice spots and so on. And there are still many spots that I haven't visit.

      So your are close to earth, like a worm, heheh :).Nah.. Let's get serious. About bike trips. I have had colleges at work trying that. One college is as we speaking away with his girlfriend to Austria and will bike thru some countries if I remember correctly. I also had a college that went biking on Gotland, and you bike about 5-6 Swedish miles every day and then sleep in a new hotel every night. Everything is prepared, you get some food to take along and so on. Bike package. He said it was a nice trip! You can use your own bike or rent.

      Plans? Say what? Huh? Not much really. :) Until a couple of days ago I did not have a clue where I would go. More than going south. But now I know where I will go and when (I think). At least as a starter. Tonight's sleepover is just a tryout. You at least have to know if you are going to start with the west coast or the east coast. Sometimes I have also chased after the sun. Going to were the forecast says the sun will shine. :) Rain really is an enemy when on a roadtrip. It can ruin the whole trip if it never stops. You want to have a nice time on the holiday right? :)