Saturday, June 7, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Grebbestad

Next: Approaching Grebbestad, I was looking for some nice beaches. Grebbestad is well-known in Sweden and it is not the first time I´m here. However I really don't know what the fuzz is all about, I think there are lots of nicer places. However I had to give it another view.

Toaletter vid stranden. Grebbestad
Here is a beach, and right beside it I found this toilet.

En mysig promenad kan man göra längs med skageraks vatten. Önskar bara den var lite längre.
Going past the toilets you will find this little nice walk, right besides the sea of Skagerak.

Going back to the car and I found this workout tools. Yesery! Did do some pull-ups here. :) But got a little dirty in my hands.

Checking out the small boat harbor of Grebbestad.

What is this? Huh? Boats again.

Grebbestad parking Ica
Got back into the car and drove into town. Right besides a food store I found this parking. You could stay for a couple of hours for free. Took the bike to go. As you can see, big RV could also park here.
Walking towards simplicity? Just mountain and a bike.
Let me tell ya.. The bike you will see in many pictures. I guess you are bored with it already? I like my Miyata. Love to bicycle. Explore on bike is great! This picture has as inspiration. Check out her Header. I´m trying to get simplicity into the picture also. Hard! I´m also competing with a collegue at work to get some pictures symbolizing simplicity. :)
Another beach in Grebbestad. Looks nice. The weather is not so bath/swim friendly.. Not a single soul.

Grebbestad camping
And this is the big camping area in Grebbestad. Attracts lots of people. And I guess this is why the town is so popular.
Nice place when the sun is shining I guess.

Norwegians hiding their flag, when Swedish boat Af Grebbestad approaching. The norweigians dont want to boarded and (kölhalade?) captured I guess? (just kidding) :)
Norwegians hiding their flag, when Swedish boat Af Grebbestad approaching? The Norwegians don't want to boarded and (kölhalade?) captured I guess? (just kidding) :)
Grebbestad, Tanums kommun. Husbilsparkering
120 kr (about 18 dollars) to stay at the RV parking lot. Do not know if electric is included in that price.

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