Friday, June 6, 2014

Bought a mattress for the next roadtrip

I dont think I have told you this right?

Well.. Now I dont have to borrow one. This is the one I have bought:

Also a sheet and some pillows were bought.
An mattress from Ikea. I think its a new modell, Moshult. It is about 10 cm thick.

New Ikea Moshult model: 80 x 200 cm. About 10 cm in height.
It cannot be to wide or it will fit badly beside the front seat. 80x200 cm will be enough I think.
I have slept on the mattress for a while inhouse and it is nice and firm. Slep very good on it. I prefer firm mattresses instead of soft.

I will you some pictures when it is time for a sleepover in the car! :)

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