Sunday, May 4, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Time for Island Saltö

Heading for the island Saltö I thought I was heading for the televisions serie Saltön. (A Swedish Television serie about "skärgårdsdoktorn" (archipelago doctor?). Beutiful scenary in that show! And people are caring and seems to be at peace with them self. The serie is based on writings from Viveka Lärn and I heard she liked to write in the town Lysekil, not that far away. So I though I was gooing to see some scenary from that serie..

But did not realize that the television show had an "N" at the end of their island...

Later I found out that Saltön was madeup in her fantasy. Gaah!


Here I am approaching Saltö. Narrow roads.

Finally arriving at the end of the road. It was a beutiful scenary. Sweden at its peak.

However, of course there was a "No parking zone" sign.
So could not stay so long.

A nature reserve is always nice. This is the westcoast of Sweden. Looking at the sea, sun in my face and quiet simple nature to visit. I like it. Kosterhavet 

After that I drove back to the Kiosk of Saltö. Parked the car and went into the forest. Heading for water.

To find a nice beach. Saltö beach. Took a bath, but it was to shallow for my explicit taste. Had to walk long out and still it was not deep. Pretty warm in the water.

In the forest you could find simple toilets. Good.

After a bath I took a walk to see the other "rocky shore" of Saltön (blaim it on google translate ;) ). Decided to Check out the Nude bathing. There was some older people laying on the rocks. But it did not look so easy to get down to the water among the rocks, so I decided to go back to the car.

Parking lot of the Saltö beach. Here in the car I sat for a couple of hours writing on the laptop. Shady? There were actually sun when I put out the solar panel!  Me, myself and I had to be in the shadows.. The car get really warm  in the sun actually.
I then decided to move on, looking for some more nice Islands. Next Resö, more on that later.

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