Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Resö and Tanumshede

Leaving the Island Saltö I was heading for the the Island Resö.

So here I stopped to take a picture so I remember
where I am going. :)
Resö showed its best side, giving me late evening sun.

A boat lift? Scrubbing the underside?
The small-boat harbor, with an old american car. Beautiful scenery.

This is information if your are an guest, traveling by boat.
There is an automatic paymachine somewhere near.
Is this not beautiful? Living in the spirit of now.

Well I was getting hungry, did not find any nice overnight parking-lot in Resö. So had to go all the way back.
Heading for Tanumshede, looking for some restaurant..

And found a pizzeria in Tanumshede. Ordered a Quattro (as usual) Stagioni. Took the pizza to go.
Heading for Grebbestad.
Speedcameras are no worries when you have a slow car like the Kia. I used to be an speeder, but not any more. On vacation there are no hurries. And you don´t want to crash in the Kia, so you drive carefully.

I was looking for a break-spot (rastplats in swedish). I have a map of all
rest-spot that trafikverket has. There is always toilets at this places. But I got really confused when I found that the spot was closed down. What the heck??!!? Have I been driven a long time, to find out that it was closed? I though I had to continue to the town Grebbestad when I saw this..

But NO, I found a "new" rest-spot a couple of miles south of this place. Yay! =)
Finally I could eat the pizza! Tasted really good. As it always do when you are on the road.
Well it started to get late, it was time to put up temporary curtains again.. :)

It´s time to sleep. Reading a little with a
battery light lantern. Why battery? Cause 

if I don't turn it off it wont be such a big deal.. 
(for example fall asleep while reading)
The car will start anyway.

Early morning, rise and shine! This is were I slept. Time to move on! Slept OK. Always nice to have toilets nearby. There were one other car also sleeping at this place. Toilets nearby makes it easy to clean the teeth and so on. Soon time to head for Grebbestad!

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