Monday, February 24, 2014

Roadtrip 2013: Toward Strömstad and Rastplats Dynekilen

So next on the Roadtrip: I was leaving Karlstad and was heading for Strömstad. I have been to Strömstad before, and it is a nice town.

So this time I was going to try a rest area right besides the highway (for the night). Of course I came on the wrong side of the restplace exit (highway) so had to go a couple of extra Swedish miles, and turn around. You cant just turn around on the hightway, you have to wait for the next highway exit and then get on the other side of the road..
Anyway...  Finally I arrived at a place called Dynekilen. Apparently there have been battles here before because there were signs about that.

So after Karlstad I was heading 
for Strömstad, 61 kilometer still..

I decided to check out Rastplats Dynekilen, abit north of the town Strömstad (if I remember correctly).. Pretty good actually. There were some caravans that did stay for the night also. You cant camp here but you can take a nap here, and then head on.

Toilets are always a nice feature (good).

At this rest area you can drive up to a vantage point. That is what I did. The further you can get away from the highway sound, the better. I parked the car.

This is were I slept for the night. A caravan came in int the late evening, parking close to me. There was also another older guy who were sleeping in his car, but he had left when I took this picture.

So there have been war/battles at sea here at Dynekilen, Norway and Danish against Swedes about  year 1716. Anyway here is a map of the place. The red dot is where I am at.

Nice view from the vantage point. Dynekilen camping area down to the right.

This was an women with a dog that had a caravan, very smallish caravan. She left early in the morning and unfortunately she forgot her stepladder when she took of. But I saw that to late, she already had gone. 

Selfie at the vantage point.

So this is how I slept in the car. Messy but simplistic. Reading a good book is always nice.

Last year it was really cold some night on the roadtrip. So this time I got an extra sleeping bag with me. But it never got cold on this trip.

In the morning the SUN showed up, so I decided to stay for an extra hour to charge the battery with the solarpanel. Love the sun and took a little walk during the waiting.

 Next I was heading for the town Strömstad. More on that later. Bye.

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