Saturday, February 22, 2014

More thinking about curtains in the Toyota Starlet.

So I have been out measuring in the Toyota again. Thought I would share some pictures of my unthoughful ideas.

About 90 cm wide between the handles.

About 140 cm long. The Kvartal curtainholder might fit. Se further down.

But it is a bit bent.

The ropemaster challenge..

Ok, so I went to Ikea to check out some fabrics and get som inspo. Found this Kvartal curtain holders that might work.

Also found this wire curtain holder, But No, thats is about what I already have with my ropes. Only fancier.

Dignitet is the Ikea brand.

I also check out the fabrics. Is that the englai word. I dont know. But you can see for your self.

This Kvartal curtainholder is 140 cm wide. It might just be the right thing.

There are also some possibilities to get som bent curtainholder, that would be nice. But I dont think it will fit in the Toyota. I guess I have to measure some more..

Ok. all for now.. more later..

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