Friday, October 25, 2013

Heat storage thinking

Today I was out to the garage again. Testing a heat transfer "cable". This heatchannels goes to the backseat footarea I my thought was to try to get the heat to warm water bottles.

Heat outlet in Toyota Starlet
Here are the two outlets under the passenger chair. The electric cable is for the heating of the chair.

Hmm. bad fit. Round vs round rectangular. Have to come up with something bright here.

Onother useless picture of the same objects..

The plan is to connect this with the "pipes"... and then transfer the it to a box with lots of water bottles. Heat storage! Good when cold.

Did not fit there either. Duh.

Instead of writing the diameter I use my hand as measure...

Finger size so I know the size of the outlets.

Well, I shall be thinking a bit more on this.. Bye!

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