Monday, October 21, 2013

Grip handle and more car curtains in the Toyota

Yesterday I went to an automobile dismantling firm (scrap yard in English?), Kungsåra Bildemontering. I was looking for some grip handles for my Toyota. They have plenty of cars and you have to bring your tools your self and remove the object you want. They also have a homepage so you can see if they got your car model in “stock”.
At the automobile dismantling firm (scrap yard in English?)

Back to the handles. You know the ones in the ceiling right besides the doors. They only had an older Toyota Starlet, but I took a handle from that car (even though it did not match entirely by color.., but that I found out later) and then found some other “twisted” ones in a Toyota Previa, the right color. I took them also! The plan was to use them as curtain holders! Well with some sort of string (rope?) that is. And you can’t have to many handles right? Ehhmm. I know this from a fact, dragging up you heavy body of the floor when sleeping for example.
As you might have reed before (earlier posts) I did not find any good way to attach a curtain, but I think this will solve that problem. And besides, there are already nuts in place (behind the ceiling). So it was perfect to attach something there. But of course the first hole in the ceiling I missed that nut, so I got an extra small hole, sheize.
Ok, so here are the results.

car handles, curv handle, grip assembly
Just started to attach the handle

Toyota Starlet Grip handles
Here the other side. New handles in place!

Car curtains
I then hung a paracord across the handles and to the sunshades. Again trying the "curtain" with that old dust cloth.

A paracord is hanging on the handles. Just trying the idea. Using another string that not is elastic will be better. Dynemaa for example.
More testing, I think the handles will do a good job to hold my curtains. This will do, until I find a better way!

Car curtain from inside of car
Here trying a fleece curtain in the front. I will try to get some black fleece. Dark is better atleast from the outside.

And from the outside of the car
Well you get the picture, if it was black you would not see much.

It is getting cold here in Sweden now so I will not be working any more on the car. I got a cold being out in the car this weekend :-(.

Ok, bye for now!

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