Saturday, September 21, 2013

Testing ideas in the Toyota

Okay, so what is happening with the car? Not too much, but I have been trying out some things.

I had an idea to use the bootspace for a sofa. So I tryied that idea... using some wood boards to make a nice sitting area. Perhaps a reading site.. eh noo?

But NO, it was not such a good idea. My head hit the bootdoor...

I have also been planing for the bedarea. I removed the backseat, but left the backpart ( englai is to bad).. Anyway look at the picture! (cant explain everything for ya.. huh?). Folding the seat makes it pretty flat. I tryed to find some boxes that were in the same height as the folded seat. More pictures of this later.

I also continued and made a template for the front windshield, using ordinary newspaper. So I can later do a cardboard or (when I find reflektix or thermoreflekt) to isolate myself a little more, and also for insulation of course. I do not recommend driving the car in this state..
Ok, all for know. will be back with more pictures trying out an curtainidea I had. Bye!

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