Monday, September 30, 2013

Roadtrip 2013: First night, Island Björnön

On my vacation I went on a roadtrip. I thought I should share some pictures of it. It took a long time to get everything packed and "installed" so I left the apartment late (at night) and decided to sleep on a well knowned spot, the Island Björnön, just about 15 kilometers from my (nonmoving) home.

Here the day before leaving. I have removed the passenger seat and the backseat. Trying out if I can lay, straight. Yes I CAN! :) (using my belly muscles.. =) )..Excuse my dirty pants, my excuse is that I was doing rust protective treatment on my other car, the Toyota (that is supposed to replace the Kia later on).

Ahh. The Kia Pride parked.. This is were I slept first night. I arrived pretty late. And was waken by some other cars arriving in the middle of the night. Playing music (really loud). Burnout and so on.. However after THAT.. I slept good. This is the early morning the day after.

Check out my Crib! Bombastic. Luxury everywere you look, huh?

A little later the sun was shining plenty much and I picked out the solar panel to test if it was working. Yes it was! I have about 6 meters of cable to the solarpanel, so I can put the car in shadow and put the panel out in the sun. 

Here is my installation of solar regulator and a "switch panel". A small chipboard. Also showing that 0,44 amps is getting into the extra battery, charging!

I left the car "charging" and went for an early morning walk, love to explore! Often gives me good ideas to/inspiration. Listening to some podcast or some inspirational speaker (personal development). 

Here you can see the newly built beach, well actually there already was a beach here, but they have expanded it! Making it bigger. This is the main bathing site of the island Björnön early morning.

Okay, next on the trip was the town Karlskoga. More on that later (perhaps).

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