Sunday, September 29, 2013

More cardboard curtain and strong magnets

On my holiday earlier this year I remembering sitting i my car in a town called Lysekil (Here in Sweden). I was having a hard time to find a nice spot for the night. So I went to the harbor and people (mostly trucks) were steering my down (while I was sitting in my car) (that just got me really irritated). They probably were wondering if I was a burglary or some homeless soul , drug-addict or whatever, just waiting for the dark to make my move. The problem was that it was very easy to look inside the car, and I felt like I had no privacy. Often outspoken kids were wondering if "is he sleeping in that car, mom?")
-Yes, he must be homeless

(Here in Sweden, if you are "homeless" you probably an drug-addict, or have menthal issues or something. And the mainstream view is that if you are a drug-addict, for example heroin you are also an criminal (the drugs cost a lot of money, and they do just about anything to get high)

However, I AM NOT AN DRUG ADDICT!... and I have a job and an apartment! Hey.. I am one of the good guys.. (at least I think that, hahah). Hey.. A am pretty normal..

(I felt this all the time during the vacation). Later that night I found a nice sleeping place by the sea (bathing place). There were a few other (big) RV:s there and a Renault Trafic from France (for example).. much better.. I slept nice and got a nice bath the day after before moving on..
However, I felt like I needed to do some adjustment..

Soo I am out to the garage again.. Here am doing a test for the front window. Using a cardboard. I first made a template out of newspaper. Se earlier post.

So this is how it looks. Stealth? Ehh.. No probably not.

Another view. I would have preferred black cardboard, but I cant find any cardboard of that color, and I don't want to paint it myself. So this will do!

Inside of the car, ohh very sexy!

I also tried a holding technique for the side-window. Taping washers to the window.. This washer have to be of some Ferro material (this washers is steel)

.. And then cardboard and a strong magnet holding it in place. It worked quite well!

Here another picture of the interior. I bought some fleece to have as a curtain, but would rather have Thermoreflekt (I think).

Those strong magnet is really strong. You have to be careful of your fingers. Here I have put two pieces in a little plastic bag and some paper around them. Works like a charm!

I also tried to winding down the window with the washers in place. It also worked! Yeay.

Ok, all for now, bye!


  1. Hi,

    Good idea about the washer and magnets. I'm going to give that a try!

    ~ Atlanta, GA USA

  2. Hi!

    Thanks, :) Hope it works out for ya!