Friday, August 9, 2013

A Setback, little progress, bought a car on my vacation

Okey, so I had a vacation. It did not went as I thought!

The plan was to take my little car (Kia Pride) and go on a roadtrip for a couple of weeks, but that did not happen (well actually it did happen later on, but the trip was not that long as I would have wanted.).

What Happend?
First I bought another car. Well perhaps you wood think that I would then get a van or some small RV. Yes, that is what I also thought..  But no.. I bought another small car. A Toyota Starlet.


Well I thought it was a good deal... and I had to much time surfing "stuff" sites as Blocket (a Swedish "for sale" site). This is my main problem, I always fall for good deals. First I went looking at a Nissan Micra, but the price I was wiling to pay was not accepted. (I told myself that I would only get the car if it was in good shape, and I could do some bargain this and that). Well soon thereafter I was surfing the Blocket again (!!), while waiting for some Internet Auction of mine to finish.. Anyyywaaay.. I found another car.. Not a Van this time either.It was a Toyota Starlet. And I bought it..

Even though I thought that I am on a path towards minimalism I had a real setback and found myself being my old me. Engaging with stuff again.Putting most of my time doing service and small repair of the Toyota starlet. Changing transmission oil, tearing out the interior and applying rust protection products and so on.. Well I put almost two weeks on the car. And I had lots of energy doing it!

I Justified the buying with that I thought my everyday vehicle (Kia) would not pass the yearly inspection (that is mandatory here in Sweden).

So now I have two small cars. And that means that they take up double the time. And I only need one car.. Hmm. And the cost also double, two insurances, to car taxes and bla blaa..

The funny thing is that my old car (the Kia) actually did pass the yearly inspection (car control, test etc) later in the vacation..

Well this is how the "new" Toyota Starlet looks like:

It is a car from 1997, really low kilometers and in good shape (I think).

I am the second owner. This is a the previous owners house.

Front of the Toyota Starlet.
This car is known for its reliability, and I hope it will serve me well during my continuation of getting rid of unnecessary stuff and gadgets (that I have filled my life with).

More pictures can be found on my new Starlet Site :)

But back to reality..  I did go on a roadtrip with the Kia, and I will tell you more about it later.. Cya.

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