Sunday, July 7, 2013

Testing Solar Power Panel On the Car

Hidihopp volks!

Today it was time to test my new solar panel and solar charge controller (regulator)! Working like a charm.

I have a 25 Watt solar panel that I have made a "fast connection" to. I then plugged my new Solar regulator to the car battery and the to the solar array panel (only one). Then I connected the load (in my case a fan) to the regulator. It works just fine! Yes!

Here are some pictures!

Solar Charge Controller and Solar Panel
Connecting the carbattery to the regulator. This has to be done first! The regulator will not wort otherwise. Then connect the solar panel to the regulator. And lastly the load to the regulator.

This is my "fast connection" cable to the solar panel. Easy to disconnect. Using som Radio Controller connection I found in DealExtremes (China). And then I can use a long cable to the regulator, so that I can get the solar panel out in the sun and the car can be in the shadows. Bla bla.. :)

Solar Panel on car
Solar panel out in the "wild"..

Solar Charge Controller test
Ok, now to some testing. The green light is lit, the sun panel is charging my battery, great. The load is not enabled in the regulator and therefore the fan is not turning. The regulator load output can take up to 30 ampere current, no more.

Solar Charge Controller test, Load is on
Here I have enabled the ON for the load (fan) in the regulator and it works. The light for the sun panel charging is also lit so everything is working. The green battery light is also "green", meaning that the battery is fully charged. It will turn red when the battery needs charging. I have not tested this yet.

Another Fan is acting as a load, Solar panel gives no charge
Testing another fan as a load. And here you can see that the solar panel is not charging. I put the solar panel inside so no sun could reach it!. Everything is working great!

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