Monday, July 1, 2013

Road trip: Skanör Falsterbo

I have heard a lot about this little small town in Skåne, Sweden. So this was my next stop on my holiday.

I parked the car in the town of Falsterbo and toke the bicycle for a round trip.

Falsterbo strand
Falsterbo beach, a catamaran. Very few people, even thouh the weather was OK.
Skanör strand party
These people were dismantling a party tent. A private party I guess. Somebody had a birthday. This area contains a lot of rich people (summer guest).
Skanör Kite surfing
Kite surfing. This is Skanör beach. Really cold in the water. I did not take a bath. To cold for me!
Kite surfing Skanör
This guy was a really good kite surfer! 

Kitesurfer in Sweden, Skanör
The dude is relaxing a bit.

Golfa bredvid stranden i Skanör, fina golfbanor
Golf cort (misspelled?)  to the right, this was a nice path for the bike
An american van with the Suntrip Logo. If you have seen the Swedish film "Sällskapsresan" then you now what Suntrip is.
Fin sandstrand i Falsterbo, dåligt med folk
Falsterbo beach.

En liten blandning av bilder, Skanör Falsterbo
Most of the parking lots was not free. Quite expensive to park. Very few cars.

Even though this place is beutiful I think it was not that friendly. I prefer other places. No free parking, few people on the beaches etc. Not very tourist friendly simply spoken. They want this place for them self.

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