Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Visiting Ystad (Roadtripp)

I arrived when the sun was on its way down.

 So finally I arrived in Ystad. I found a nice place to park the car. Near a purification (place), but atleast it did not smell. The grass was a bit high but who cares. I did not se any snakes.
 Putting up some towels in the windows (to be a little private) and I was ready to sleep. I woke up and it was a bit cold in the middle of the night. Brr.. Note to self. Bring a better sleeping bag next time. I started the next day with som serials/müsli and water. Yes still no fridge to keep milk or processed sour milk.. But atleast it is something in the stomach right!

After eating some I went for a walk and found a pet cemetery, right besides the parking space. On the sign it said that if your pet is over 10 kg it has to be cremated. What it cost? The price for 5 years is 545 kr. Thats about 80 US dollars.

The rack space (is that the even a english word?) was near the beach and you could hear the waves breaking. Nice.

After a little walk I went back and took my bicycle to "ride the town".

I found a small harbour for boats.

Well a little bit further I found a bigger harbour. This ferries goes to Polen.

Look at this small houses! Perfect size near the water. But I guess you are not allowed to live in them? Here in Sweden there are rules so it not will be cheap to live near the water. (unless you actully live on the water or in a mobile vehicle).

I continued down to the monastery and took a picture of this pond.

 After that I went to tha beach..
 And found a golddigger going through the beach for forgotten rings, coins and so on.
Gooing into the forrest along the beach I found this scary sign. DANGER! Quicksand. But I was not sucked in, no worries. No probleme walking over the sand. I tried it with my bike first! I though those big wheels wont sink right? Hmm.. I have never heard of anyone drowned in quicksand here in Sweden..
 Along the beach is ths Saltsjöbaden, Hotell and Spa. A little to fancy for my simple soul :)

Back in the town of Ystad, a nice town very known from the Wallander series of books. (Fiction) A lot of germans like to se where Wallanders hometown looks like.

Well, after a long tour on the bike, it was time to head "home". I used a Trangia kitchen to make some chile con carne. And them some coffee. BUt I had no milk to the Coffey.

Ok, soon the night came and hold me in its arm. Time to read a little and then go snoozzee..

Early morning, rise and shine. A bit cold during the night AGAIN.. You can see the fancy towels for "my privacy" :). There is always some curios people checking me out..  "IS HE SLEEPING IN THAT LITTLE CAR??!" Hahah.. My little cars besides al the Rv:s..

I always want to get a dog when I see some happy "friends" around the camping sites. Here some nice pudles.

Here I am looking up towards the sleeping place (lack of good englaei). Right by the beach and the beatiful water.

The weather was nice, so I took the car down to the beach, decided to go for a swim.. It was really cold this day also!!

Yea, and you can see that I am a bit pale, the summer weather this year was quite bad..

Later I took a shower here!

After that I went back into town and found this odd parkingplaces, right beside some sort of church. I think the priest have there parkingplace here..

Travelling around and I found som big rabbarber (rhubarb, pieplant?), dont know what you call them in English?

Again, hungry and it was time for some food. Found this place, dont remeber the name.

I took a pizza to go and went back to the car. Nice.
 YWC - Windsurfing Club
Right besides the parking lot, there was a Windsurfing Club YWC. And I saw some guys windsurfing. Here they keep their boards and sails.

Ok I stayed for two night.. thats a long time (for me), and I think that about sums YSTAD up. A nice town, that I will visit again.

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