Sunday, June 30, 2013

Road trip: Abbekås, Skatehom and Smygehuk

Okey, here are some more pictures from the roadtripp I did last summer..

Abbekås toaletter
Going from Ystad I knew that I was going to drive by Abbekås. I place I  have heard people windsurf talk about. So of course  I went down to the harbour where I found this toiletts. I did not find a very good surfingspot, so I guess I was on the wrong place of Abbekås. Moved on.

Skateholm strand
Got on the freeway and then paused at this beach. I think it is Skateholm. A camping site is nearby. Nice sand, but not much people..

Smygehuk, Sveriges sydligaste udde
Later I arrived at Smygehuk, Smygehamn. This is the most south spot that you can come to in Sweden.

A nice small caravan with flip top
On this parking lot I slept over the night. Nice place right beside the Baltic Sea.

Smygehamn smelled bad, not nice
At Smygehamn this Shit was floating around, smelling bad.. Algiers or tongs? Or real shit? Who knows..

Toiletts in Smygehamn
Anywaay, there were free toaletts here at Smygehuk. Very good.
 Ok, not much to tell ya about this place, but a nice stop when going between Ystad and Trelleborg.

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