Saturday, June 29, 2013

Living more, being alive, living with nature

I love "wild camping", here in Sweden I guess we call it "fricampa".

Take a bike tour is also nice, exploring paths were the car can´t go
This was a nice sleeping spot on the island Öland. I really like looking out over the beach and the water. People from Germany to the right. 

Why I love it? I guess it has something about the challenge to find a really nice spot. Remembering that spot so you can return to it (perhaps on your next road trip).

The first time I slept in a Toyota Starlet from 1984, loved that car. I slept really bad in it though. Just recline the seat, and often woke up after my legs was numb. Only did it one or two nights (had been out partying, and was not in condition to drive home).

I’ve done it regularly ever since I learned to windsurf, back in the nineties. It was a necessity back then, cause I spent most of my money on windsurfing gear or car stereo stuff.. Hotels were to expensive, and there was no surfing spirit in that!!
When I had holiday, we were a couple of friends who often went to Öland, Hagapark or to the Westcoast of Sweden, for example Varberg. I slept in my car or in a tent in a paid camping spot. However, I preferred sleeping in my car. Cheaper and it was easy to take off. You had electric power, stereo and much of the stuff that a tent did not bring to the table.

Ever since then, I like the adventure of it. I enjoy finding a nice spot for the night, over the years you learn were the best spot are. Where there is a toilet nearby, shower, water and so on. I also like the simplicity of it and that it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You also see a lot more than when being on a hotel or a hostel (because you are looking for that sweet spot).

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