Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Solar Panels to buy?

Okey, so the last couple of days I have been thinking about getting ready for my next roadtripp. I need more power! I use the computer quite a lot and on my last roadtripp I could only use the computer for about 2 hours before I needet to run the car and recharge the battery. I only have one battery so far in the car. I planning on getting another one.

SW Exergon Solpanel, Solar Panels
From the SW Exergon catalog:

Ok, so back to tha solar panels. I am thinking about buying two SW25 panels (25 watts if you havent figured it out yet). They are quite affordable (and they are on sale right now, whey). They are small enough to be able to put back into the (small) car and not TAKE ALL available SPACE. I am thinking about using a roof carrier to put the panels on. And of course make it possible to remove them, when I am not using the solar panels. Put them away so the dont get stolen etc. I am also thinking about getting a charge controller, but more about that later.

I think the size is important. Atleast Until I can have them permanently on the car, they must be small enough.

SW25 is my choice. 643 x 282 x 35 mm.They have 18,5 (top voltage) going from them when the sun i shining. The more the better when the panels gets into some sort of shadow.

Another nice foldable solar panel is this one. But it is to expensive for my taste. The Weight is 2.45 kg.

Folding Solar Panel, Only 315 x 315 x 35 mm when folded.
Folding Solar Panel, Only 315 x 315 x 35 mm when folded. But 3000 swedish crones is expensive. Thats about 500 dollars.

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