Monday, April 8, 2013

Next on the tripp: Karlskrona

Okey, so they told me that I wasn't getting any younger so I had to move on..

Beeing close to the town of Karlskrona I turned the wheel toward what I thought was a "military" town. And yes it was.

Arriving to Karlskrona, driving around in the town, checking the place out. Doing tha chochka chockha?

Found a parking lot and left the car, took the bike for a ride and found a beach and a jump tower ( I always looks for beaches, trying to find the best beaches, always). The weather was a bit windy and no volks..

Continued, went back to the car and continued into the camping site nearby. Here I found the beach of Karlskrona Camping.

I continued to the town and found some canons? What has happened here? What are they protecting? Is there gold in this building??! Have this canons been on a boat or what? YES, the questions was popping up in my mind and never seemed to stop.

The mind had to cool of so I toke myself to the water, and found this nice scenery..

I also found a big boat, a coast guard boat.

Going further I found a marine museum, nice, I had to check it out!

Here is a military vessel and i bit further down an older sailing ship.

Aboard the sailing boat. I felt like climbing the ropes, but I was not so sure if that would have been appreciated.. so I stayed put.

So I left and went uphill past this house.

and found a begger, He is a stature of Rosenbom, who was poor and begged for money. He died by getting so cold and frozen one winternight. His arm was straight and in a begging position when the people found him dead. Now symbolizing that we should help the poor..

I weht looking for a nice place to stay the night. Here is the payable parking place near the harbor, quite a lot of re-creative vehicles... but I didn't like the place, a bit to crowd y for me to sleep here (I thought).

I moved on and found this big object. A big truck? My guess: a vessel loader... Don't know :)

After a couple of hours inspecting the town of Karlskrona I went back to the camping, left the bike and toke a walk. This nice white "ducks" (my vocabular is limited as you might have noticed). They looked so free and happy.

After this I returned to my car and loaded the bicycle on the back of the Kia, and moved on, I didn't want to sleep in Karlskrona, I didn't feel at home, didnt find a good sleeping-spot, I had to move on.. I was aiming for Ystad again.


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