Thursday, April 4, 2013

Being normal and do what most people do, or....

This post is an response to Christines Defying Normal post, that you can find here.

I am doing my best writing in english... :)

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Excellent post!
I know what you mean. I feel the same.

During my life I have tried several different jobs, but I always felt like something was wrong. I had much more fun, and was happier when I had “free time” and nobody could /can say when I should be jumping or whatever (no boss). Of course there has been good times in the job also. And I have learned a lot from wiser people and so on.
BUT I have always been the happiest when I have lived simple and had the ability to do whatever I want, being free and enjoying the simple things in life.

Working like a pay slave?  Yes I also thought that is just the way life is supposed to be, UNTIL I found some great books (pointing me in some “not normal” direction), and some people on the Internet that felt the same as I.
Thanks for that!

Some people that I have been working with have told me that they think that it is nicer to be on the job then at home! Children running around wild, feeding them, being a taxi driver for the kids, and a “sweetheart” at home that bosses them around or goes shopping for all excess money. “Go out and make money so we can pay the mortgage”.. It is nothing wrong with that but it is not the kind of life I seek.

When you have lived the “good life” (a free life in my case) you always want that I guess.. The difference in output is how we play our life.. The are of course some benefits and cons that follow by each choice, but only you can decide what suits you.

And I know it is possible to be more free. I / you just have to find the way (yes.. perhaps easier said than done). It is not done over a night.

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